TAG Member Secretaries

TAG Member Secretaries

1st Member Secretary
Shri. Prasad Lolayekar, Director Art & Culture (From 06/01/2009 to 01/02/2009)

2nd Member Secretary
Shri. Victor De Sa (From 02/02/2009 to 31/07/2014)

3rd Member Secretary
Shri. Jose Alexandre Rodrigues (From 01/08/2014 to 30/11/2017)

My dear Tiatr Fraternity,

I took over as a Member Secretary of Tiatr Academy of Goa on 1st August, 2014.  Now I am in the 2nd year of my tenure. The ‘Tiatr’ which came from the word ‘Theatre’ belongs exclusively to the Goans spread not only in Goa but all over the world.  Our ‘Tiatr’ is unique from all other forms of Dramas existing in India or other countries. Its founders are none other than late Lucasinho Ribeiro of Assagao, Bardez and late Joao Agostinho Fernandes who are rightly called as the ‘Creator’ and ‘Father’ of Tiatr respectively and not forgetting the 1st Lady to step on Tiatr stage late Regina Fernandes.

‘Tiatr’ was born in Mumbai in the year 1892. Next year on 17th April, 2017, it will be completing 125 years of its existence which is a matter of great pride and honour to all the Goans specially the Tiatr Fraternity.

Down the line, other stalwarts like Saib Rocha, J. P. Souzalin, AMB Rose, Miguel Rod, Kid Boxer, Young Menezes, Anthony De Sa, Souza Ferrao, C. Alvares, Prem Kumar, Alexinho de Candolim, Jacint Vaz, M. Boyer, Mohana, Ermelin, Shalini, Ophelia, Airistides, Lucian and so on carried forward Tiatr to its glory and this  batton has been passed on to the present generation of Tiatr artistes who are keeping no stone unturned to improve its quality by introducing innovative ideas in the form of stage setting, sound & lights and visual effects, etc.

The best thing to happen to Tiatr since its birth, has been establishment of Tiatr Academy of Goa by the Government in the year 2009. This Academy first under the able leadership of its Founder President Shri Tomazinho Cardozo, followed by Prince Jacob and present incumbent Shri Agostinho Temudo has been marching forward by involving all sections of Tiatr fraternity.

It is a great moment for all the Tiatr Fraternity that the Government is going to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Tiatr on a grand scale and for this purpose a special 16-member “125th Anniversary of Tiatr Celebration Committee” under the Chairmanship of Shri Tomazinho Cardozo has been formulated which will work in tandem with Tiatr Academy of Goa and Directorate of Art & Culture.

I request all the Tiatr Fraternity to come forward and take active part in celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Tiatr with great fanfare and enthusiasm.

Yours truly,
Jose Alexandre Rodrigues
Member Secretary

4th Member Secretary
Shri. Cezar D’Mello (From 01/12/2017 till date)


He is not only an eminent Tiatrist who stands tall in Tiatr circles but a renowned folk artist (dancer, singer, choreographer) who has entertained mostly all the Indian and foreign tourist on boat cruises and five star hotels and performed traveling almost all Indian States to depict the culture of Goa.  Retired as Asstt. Cultural officer in the Dept. of Art & Culture, Govt. of Goa. At present working as Member Secretary in Tiatr Academy Goa. He did his graduation from Dhempe College, Panaji. He has great liking of Tiatr, at an early age he is to take part in dramas staged during village feasts. He was eagerly awaiting in the wings for a break in professional arena. It was Nelson Afonso who quenched Cezar’s anxiety by introducing him in his Tiatr ASRO and simultaneously a formidable trio MIL-MEL-NEL came into existence. This indeed was the turning point as their group then participated in the tiatrs of Prem Kumar, Robin Vaz, Betty Ferns, Bab Peter Ophelia, John Claro M. Boyer,  Fr. Planton Faria, Mike Mehta, Mini Diago, Valento Mascarenhas, C. Alvares, Betty Alvares, Salvador Affonso, Serafino Cotta, Mario Menezes, Menino de Bandar Agnelo De Borim etc. and recently was a part of Vandana Production in Prem Kumar’s Classic Tiatr Jivit ek Sopon. He was well known face in the Goa Mando Festivals where he is mostly seen playing his favourite instrument ‘Ghumot’ & singing for eight years thereby winning prizes galore. He has toured Gulf countries with the troupe and performed at Dubai International Hotel, for Indian Cultural Club at Abu Dhabi Sharjah & Kuwait and later performed for Lusofonia Festival at Macau, National day celebration in Qatar, Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

His ability to convey moral uprightness was aptly exploited in national events when Cezar represented Goa State in performing at various Indian states i.e Assam (1978) Nagaland (1979) Tamil Nadu (1980 & 1987) Kerala (1980) Himachal Pradesh (1981, 1992, 2003) Karnataka (1986) Uttar Pradesh (1983) Mizoram (1986) Meghalaya (1988, 2002) Pondicherry (1991) Rajasthan (1995, 1996) Calcutta (1986) New Delhi (1997) and participate for India International Cultural Festival ( Goa Day) for at least 5 times at New Delhi.

He has also formed his own group name ‘CEZAR DRAMATIC TROUPE’ and participated in the tiatr competitions organize by Kala Academy. In 1976 he presented his first tiatr ‘Konn Kirmidor’ later Kal ani Aiz (1982), Kalliz Ostorechem (1983), Kaide Konnank (1984), ‘Kednanch Goddchenam’ (1985), bagged the 1st Prizes. In 1978 his tiatr ‘Kitem Tum Mhozo? and in 1979 ‘Konn Zai ? ‘Kirmidoracho Rosto’ 1980 ‘Konnuch Noko’ 1981′ Kalliz Naslolo 1986 were awarded 2nd prizes. His other tiatrs ‘Kallo Fator’ 1987 & Kolakar’ 1988 bagged 3rd prizes and other several prizes. He also have in his credit several more tiatr written. He channelised his creativity into Tiatr and into writing, directing and presenting full length Tiatrs in letter ‘K’ the eleventh letter of the Roman alphabet. That apart he is the creator of one Konkani Drama, several musical plays broadcasted on AIR and one act plays, also bagged the first prize for best back ground Music at Konkani Drama Competition organized by Kala Academy.

He is the vanguard of the folklore/song movement for quite sometime now. He along with the troupe have entertained the ballet troupe of North Korea, Russian delegates, medical delegates from Portugal, Japanese delegates, North Korean delegates, Cuban delegates, Indian and Chinese football teams, naval officers of Australia, and Portuguese Frigate during their Goa visits. The folk dance and music troupe has also performed for the following VVIP’s:-

  1. Pope John Paul II and other Catholic dignitaries including participation in Choir Group for the mass at Bishop Palace, Panaji (1986)
  2. Vasant Sathe, Union Min. for Broadcasting at AIR Auditorium, Panaji.
  3. Cardinal Cordeiro from Karachi (1984)
  4. Zail Singh(1986)
  5. R. Venkatraman, on board St. Monica Cruise (1986)
  6. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India at Cabo Raj Niwas (1977)
  7. Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India at Kala Academy and St. Monica Cruise.
  8. Prime Minister of Portugal (1983)
  9. Prime Minister of Zambia (1986)
  10. King Hussein of Jordan(1986)
  11. CHOGM(1984)
  12. Chief Justice of China (1986)
  13. The Prince and Princess Souji of Norway (1986)
  14. P. Chidambaram, Union Minister for Finance (1988)
  15. Rakesh Sharma & two Russian astronauts at River Cruise.
  16. Bishops Conference.

He also performed at different 5 star Hotels out side Goa like Sea Rock Hotel, Mumbai, West End Hotel, Bangalore, Krishna Oberoi, Hyderabad, Taj group Hotels in most of the states and in Ashoka Hotel, Bangalore in 1983 the group entertained India and England cricket teams in distinguished presence   of the then Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. Ramkrishna Hegde & Mrs. Maneka Gandhi. In Goa they performed at Taj Group Hotels, Cidade de Goa, Majorda Beach Resort, Oberois Hotel, Holiday Inn, Taj Exotica, and on Board St. Monica run by GTDC & Emerald Cruises for 20 years.

Besides performance he is associate with different Social Cultural organization i.e life member of Goa Social & Cultural Troupe, 39th Aquatic and first softball national school games cultural organizing committee in 1993, Organised cultural programmes for St. Francis Xavier Exposition in 1994. Founder member of Mayur Folkdance troupe, Porvorim, Timotios folkdance troupe, Panaji, Mahalsa Folk dance Troupe, Mardol, MICPA, Panaji, Goa Waves, Panaji Goa member of Goa Carnival Committee for last several  years, Panaji Traditional Festival Committee and of course his own troupe Cezar Dramatic Troupe, Panaji.

He has two audio cassettes and one DVD at his credit, one Goa’s Rumble a folksong, Portuguese songs Mando and mix masala songs which was inaugurated by Music Maestro from Bombay Mr. Mauricio Conceicao the second a musical play on AIDS named ABGATH which was release by the then speaker Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo and “Vazouia Kumpasar” in association with Mil-Mel-Nel.

A group led by Cezar bagged the second prize for folk song competition at All India Civil Service Competition held at New Delhi.

Felicitated by Kala Academy for Silver Jubilee of Tiatr Celebration at the hands of Shri Ravi Naik, Dy Chief Minister and 100 years of Tiatr Celebration by Kala Mogi, Candolim at the hands of Rock Star Mr. Remo Fernandes. He also acted in Konkani film ‘Apsuarti’ ‘Its my life’ opposite Film actress Varsha Usgaokar, Hindi films ‘Mera yaar Mera Dusman’ in a role of a priest along with Bindya Goswani & Mithun Chakravurthi, group dance sequence in ‘Pukar’ with Zeenat, Randhir Kapoor and Amitabh Bahchan, also as child artist in ‘Saat Hindustani’ first film of  Amitabh Bhachan.

He was the regular producer and director of folk plays and has produce more than 200 plays for AIR. Rendered songs on Doordarshan, Featured in Hindi serial ‘Kamoshi Awazem’ produced by A Salam.

The following TV agencies have recorded and telecasted their folk dances i.e BBC, London, West Germany, Delhi & Mumhai Doordarshan kendras, in the serial Right on telecasted on Zee TV. Seen on Star TV for BPL advt. as a lover making music on Utensils. Folk Songs on AIR stations of Lucknow, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Goa.

He was the member of Jury at Kala Academy Tiatr Competition for  4 years, also in different singing competition, Bonderam competition at Divar one act plat competition held at different places and of course folk dance competition organized by Sports Dept. At present still acting in Tiatrs Musical shows and serenade in star hotels.

Apart from Tiatr and Folk activities he is a lover of football and played for Panjim Gymkhana, Alto Guimaraes, Young Challengers and MICPA which was handled and played- for several years.

Resent Awards & Felicitations 2017-18

  • Received the life contribution Award for the valuable contribution to Tiatr in Jan, 2017 by Tiatr Academy Goa
  • Felicitated during 125 years of celebration of Tiatr in 2017 for the life times contribution to Tiatr organized by Govt. of Goa.
  • Awarded the best Lyrics prize in the competition organized by Election Commission for the song ‘Election’ in 2017.
  • Awarded consolation prize for poetry writing completion organized by Dalgado Konkani Academy.
  • Meet the artistes programme organized by Tiatr Academy Goa.
  • Felicitated by Cezar Dramatic Troupe being founder member of the club.
  • Felicitated as a part of Tiatr Day Celebrations on 17th April 2018 by Kala Academy Goa.

Books Published

  1. KAL ANI AIZ and Kalljivont Nazia
  2. KOLAKAR, Obsoeg vo Abgath and Akhrek Sudorlo.
  3. KALLIZ OSTORECHEM, Bhurgim vo Doth and Suttka.
  4. KALLO FATOR, Kelelea Mapan Ghueta, Asro, Khoro Mog and Adhar,
  5. KAIDE KONANK, Fattim Paulo, Axea Konkni Machie Fattlen.
  6. KIRMIDORACHO ROSTO, and Khorim Natalam.
  7. Coming up KALLO DHONDO, Jivitacho Khell and Kazar nhoi Bavleanchem Login