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PREVIOUS VICE PRESIDENT'S VIEWS (From 23/09/2015 to 30/08/2018)

Somest tiatr mogiank maye mogacho yevkar,

Ontor-zall (internet) ailoleak ho sonvsar itlo lhan zaunk paula ki konnacheanui sonvsarachea khoincheai konxeak thavn sompork korum yeta. Hea oslea sompork suvidham vorvim amkam sogleank ek soeg mell’lo amchi sonskrutay ani daizachim lharam sat somdiram porian pavonk, nhoinch Gõykarank punn dusrea pranthanchea lokam sovem pasun.

Tiatr zaun asa ek kherit nattya prokar tache borpavollint ani kantaranim. Gõykar tiatram pasot ani tiatr Gõykaram pasot oxem amcheanim mhunno yeta. 2017 vorsant ami anik ek panvddo choddcho asa ani to mhonttlear ami tiatrachim 125 vorsam somorombhtat.

Gelea Council-an vavr kortoch ani he pautt porot ekdam council-acho vangddi mhunn pattoitoch, Shri. Agostinho Temudo hachea odheoxponna khal Up-odheox mhunnon mhaka vinchun kaddlo. Tiatr anikui unchlea panvddear haddunk ami zata title proytn kortele mhunn hanv tumkam asvasan ditam. Amche tiatr fuddem vhoronk tornatteancho ek mott’tto bhag astolo.

He Tiatr Academy-che mauli ghora udexim tumkam sogleank zata titlea vegim suchnam di-it astele. Amchea kariakroma vixim tumkam mahiti sodanch melltoli. Tumchea sohokarak ami axeun ravtanv.

Mog asum di.

William Fernandes


Tiatr Academy of Goa

Greetings to all Tiatr lovers,

With the advent of internet and uses of different apps, the whole world has become so small, that today one can communicate with each other from miles away. This very technology has given us an opportunity to send the waves of our culture and traditions across the seven seas, not only to Goans living abroad but also to different nationalities.

Tiatr is one form of drama which is unique in its form of script and song. ‘Goans are for tiatr and tiatr is for Goans. Soon in 2017 we are going to complete another milestone in tiatr’s history crossing 125 years.

After my stint in the second council and being nominated again I was elected unanimously to the Vice President post under the leadership of Mr. Agostinho Temudo. I assure you, that we will try to bring tiatr to scale new heights. The youngsters will play a major role in our term so that Tiatr will have great future ahead.

The TAG website will be updated regularly and new features will be introduced so that we will keep every Goan and tiatr lovers well informed about our activities. Looking forward for your co-operation too.

Best wishes and thank you for being on our website.

William Fernandes

Vice President

Tiatr Academy of Goa