2nd Vice President

Current VICE PRESIDENT'S VIEWS(from 27/08/2012 to 03/09/2015)

Konkani Tiatr machier 7 vorsamcho astana avem provesh kelo. Tedna thaun pattlea 59 vorsank Konkani bhaxechea mogiamnim ani tiatr pollenaramnim mhaka dillea utejan ani borea magnneamnim mhojean zata te porim Goeam ani sonvsarak ximpodlolea Goemkarank divirtiment diunk avem tozvit kelea.

2009 vorsa Goemchea serkaran mhaka viseshadhikar dilo mhoji nemnuk korun ‘Tiatr Academy Goa’-hachea General Council-an. Porot 2012 vorsa mhoji nemnuk zaun mhaka ekmotan TAG-hacho Up-Odheokx nivdun hadlo, jea vorvim mojea khomsak anink ek fintt choddlem oxem mhaka dista.

Hea Website-i udexim aum vavurtolom diunk goroz ti mahiti mhojea Goeamkar bhau-bhoinnank hea mahan sonvsarant, khuimsorui tim assume, aum tankam tim Goeam-ch aslolea porim dissonk ghodta te upai ghetolom.

Konkani bhas ani tiatr mogeamchea somdiran aslolea mhojea Goemkar bhau-bhoinnank aum Dev Borem Korum mhunnta, tannim aplo pattim-bou diun mhojer visvas thevlo dekhun aplea udhar kallzantlo mog ani moipas mhaka diun.

Hea tanchea boreaponnank ani borea monank aum kallzan thaun dhinvastam.

Dev Borem Korum.

Tumcho visvaxi,

Joe Rose


Tiatr Academy of Goa

I started my career at the age of 7 on the Konkani Tiatr stage. Since then for the past 59 years with the encouragement and good wishes of the lovers of Konkani language and tiatr, I have been able to contribute to the best of my ability towards entertaining the Konkani speaking and tiatr loving people of Goa and Goans spread all over the globe.

It has been my privilege to be nominated to TAG as the first General Council by the Government of Goa in 2009 and again in 2012 and to be unanimously elected as the Vice President of TAG thereby putting an extra feather in my cap.

Through this website I will update and provide the necessary information to my dear Goan brothers and sisters in this wide world wherever they maybe, I will try to make them feel at home in Goa.

Thanking the vast ocean of Konkani language and tiatr lovers for their constant support and trust which they have bestowed upon me by their benevolence…… I say
Benevolence this is gratitude.

Yours sincerely

Joe Rose


Tiatr Academy of Goa