2012 – 2013


Tomazinho releases Mario Menezes’ Beiman Kir Published by TAG

Language is a language and the script cannot define the standard of a language as long as it delivers the message across ”, Tragedy King Mario Menezes expressed during the release of his tiatr script ‘Beiman Kir’ on Sunday, 22nd September 2013 at TAG’s Conference Hall at Campal. A diehard fan of Konkani writer late Reginaldo Fernandes, who was also known as ‘Romanxincho Patxai’, Mario stated that it pained him when the devnagri lobby called Reginald’s writings were below standard. He said that over 200 novels in Roman Konkani written by late Reginaldo during his lifetime had created a sensation amongst the Roman Konkani readers of those times. Speaking further, he said that it is not late to demand equal status for Roman in the Language Act. He requested the priests and Tiatrists to unitedly launch an agitation in this regards. He also hoped that the Government puts into practice the Language Act immediately. It is only then one will realize the necessity of Konkani in Roman script.

He thanked the present President Shri Prince Jacob and the committee members for publishing’ Beiman Kir’ though it was given during the tenure of previous committee. He also thanked Shri Tomazinho Cardozo, former President of TAG, who was the Chief Guest on the occasion for starting this scheme during his tenure of which Mario was also the council member. He gave full credit to Mr. Cardozo for his efforts to maintain the tiatr format and stated the tiatr audience could look back again the variety in tiatr songs like duets, trios, quartets, etc. Mario also thanked the Member Secretary Shri Victor de Sa, TAG’s staff and especially the Cultural Organiser Shri Joy Fernandes for his extraordinary efforts in getting the book published. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to his close friend and well-known tiatr artiste Lawry Travasso for taking care of the Cantos in his tiatr.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest Shri Tomazinho Cardozo supported Mario’s statement on Roman Script and gave two instances wherein the Devanagri Lobby made use of literature in Roman Konkani Script for obtaining due recognition for Konkani. The first one was in 1976 when the Sahitya Academy recognized Konkani as an independent Language. It was the literature in Konkani Roman Script which came to the rescue. Another instance was when one of the strong Marathi Protagonist wrote an article stating that Marathi existed in Goa before Konkani he stated that Advocate Uday Bembre a strong Devnagri Konkani protagonist who is all out to destroy Roman Konkani, wrote an article refuting the contention that Marathi existed before Konkani by producing details of literature in Roman Konkani as a proof that Konkani existed much before that. Lambasting the Devnagri lobby for sabotaging Roman Konkani, he said that it was through fraudulent means that only Devanagri Script found its place in the Language Act by denying a rightful place to Roman Konkani Script in the Act.

Congratulating Mario on the release of his book ,the former TAG President requested the Tiatr writers to make use of TAG’s schemes to get their tiatr scripts published in the book form which will not only keep them alive forever but also will support the cause for creating more literature in Roman Konkani Script. Citing another example, which is the need of the hour for Tiatr to be highlighted at the national level, he stated that in a recently held national seminar in Karnataka on Indian Dramas wherein for the first time in the 121 years of tiatr history, a paper on Tiatr was presented by him and everybody present were surprised to know that there exists such a rich cultural art form known as Tiatr in Goa. He further stated that the paper presented will be published shortly along with other papers presented. He also requested TAG to publish as many publications as possible of tiatrs and also organize critical appreciations on the published tiatr scripts by inviting well known Konkani writers and get the same published so that the tiatr benefits from such discussions and also a documentation is created which will be fruitful for the all round development of tiatr in the future.

Earlier, the Vice-President of TAG Shri Joe Rose in his welcome speech said that the number 2 has a special significance as it is Mario’s second book, TAG’s 22nd publication and is released on 22nd which incidentally happens to be Mario’s late mother’s birthday for whom he has dedicated the book. Fr Nevel Gracias a well known Tiatr writer and director who spoke on the book, while highlighting the pros and cons in the script, said it hardly had any flaws as the writer has taken due care to maintain the tiatr format in his script which has seven Pod’ddes (scenes), five cantos and comedy which is directly linked to the play.

Member Secretary Shri Victor de Sa in his thanksgiving speech expressed gratitude on behalf of TAG to all those present and also to all who were involved with this publication. Prominent amongst those present were Mario’s wife Efifania, daughters Rioma and Riosha and troupe members Lawry Travasso, Rosy Alvares, Bobet, John Hatts besides other personalities like Brazinho Soares, Fr. Doel, Shaik Amir, Peter Vaz, Octavio Rodrigues,Lawrence Fernandes, Vincent Dias and others. Musician Agnelo Dias rendered a beautiful note of congratulations on his trumpet during the release of the book.

Shri Joy Fernandes, Cultural Organizer of TAG who compered the function also appealed to the tiatr writers to submit their scripts for publication under TAG’s Scheme ‘Preservation of Tiatr Literature’.

Tomazinho Cardozo releases ‘Beiman Kir’