2011 – 2012


Books of tiatr scripts released

“The efforts of Tiatr Academy of Goa for developing Tiatr in all respects and for preserving tiatr literature by publishing books for future generations is commendable” stated Fr. Kyriel D’Souza, Provincial of Goa Province, Society of Pilar. He was addressing the gathering after releasing two books of scripts of tiatr published by Tiatr Academy of Goa on 4th March 2012 at the Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

Speaking further, Fr. Kyriel stated that tiatr and its activities have got an excellent forward push to the development of tiatr because of the formation of Tiatr Academy of Goa by the Government of Goa.

Shri Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG in his welcome address stated that although the tiatr is almost 120 years old, there is total lack of publication of books of the scripts written by hundreds of tiatr artistes. It is for this reason that scripts of artistes of yester years are not found in present times for undertaking study of tiatr and its activities in the past.

Shri Jose Salvador Fernandes, Secretary, Dalgado Konknni Akademi shared his views on the book ‘Dev Podvedar’ and ‘Divea Pondak’ written by Shri Anil Kumar, while Shri Vincy Quadros spoke on the merits and demerits of the book ‘Avoyn Kelem Pap, Putan Dili Zap’ written by late William de Curtorim.

Shri Anil Kumar, writer of ‘Dev Podvedar’ and ‘Divea Pondak’ expressed his thanks and appealed other writers to come forward to publish their manuscripts into book form. Jacinta Menezes, wife of late William de Curtorim also expressed her gratitude to Tiatr Academy Goa for publishing William de Curtorim’s book.

Shri Joy Fernandes, Cultural Organizer of TAG compered and also proposed a vote of thanks.

Fr. Kyriel D'Souza releasing the two books

TAG releases 3 books

“Printing and publishing of books of tiatr and tiatr related music and song will go a long way in preserving tiatr literature for posterity” stated Rev. Fr. Manuel Gomes while releasing 3 books at the Conference Hall of Tiatr Academy of Goa, Campal Panjim on 16/02/2012. Fr. Manuel was speaking after releasing these 3 books namely ‘Oxem Ghoddlem’, selected incidents in the lives of tiatr artistes written by Daniel F. de Souza, ‘Mummy, Mhaka Tuje Vengent Dhor’, a script of tiatr written by Albert Leo de Souza and ‘Lokam Khell’, a collection of 4 folk plays written by Vitorino Pereira. Speaking further Fr. Manuel complimented Tiatr Academy of Goa for organizing numerous activities of tiatr, its song and music. He hoped that tiatr becomes more popular and get wider acceptance among the masses.

Shri Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG, in his welcome address highlighted numerous schemes formulated by TAG for promoting tiatr, its song and music. He also stressed that TAG’s main aim is to improve tiatr – the most popular dramatic form of Goa – in all respects so that it achieves national recognition at the earliest.

Shri Vincy Quadros, a noted Konkani writer expressed his opinion on the books ‘Lokam Khell’ and ‘Mummy, Mhaka Tuje Vengent Dhor’ and congratulated the writers Vitorino Pereira and Albert Leo de Souza. Shri Tomazinho Cardozo spoke on the book ‘Oxem Ghoddlem’ and informed the audience that the book might be one of its kind containing experiences of 31 tiatr artistes which can contribute to the history of tiatr in times to come.

Shri Daniel F. de Souza the writer of ‘Oxem Ghoddlem’ and Shri Albert Leo de Souza the writer of ‘Mummy, Mhaka Tuje Vengent Dhor’ also expressed their feeling on the occasion.

Shri Victor de Sa, Member Secretary of TAG proposed a vote of thanks. Shri Joy Fernandes compered the function.

Rev Fr. Manuel Gomes releasing books

TAG releases two books

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) released 2 books namely ‘Konkani Gramophone Records’ and ‘Fell vo Khell’ at the hands of Dr Francisco Colaco, an eminent doctor and cultural activist on 16th December 2011 at the Conference Hall of TAG, Campal, Panaji.

Shri Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG presided over the function.

‘Konkani Gramophone Records’ is a book which gives detailed information of the Konkani songs recorded on vinyl records by different gramophone companies in the past. This book gives the details of the first Konkani records produced by HMV Records. The first Konkani song on a gramophone record was ‘Mog Mirmireancho’ sung by Joao Agostinho Fernandes and his daughter Sophia Fernandes in 1910. The book ‘Konkani Gramophone Records’ is compiled by two enthusiasts of Konkani songs namely Felix Correia and Franklin D’Souza.

‘Fell vo Khell’, is a book in Konkani in Roman Script which gives in depth information about the Goan folk drama the ‘Fell’ which is also called as ‘Khell’. It is written by Benicio Vitorino Pereira who is also a veteran artiste of the Goan folk theatre- ‘Fell’.

Dr. Francisco Colaco releasing the books

Three books of tiatrs dealing with different aspects of lives of children were released at the hands of Shri. Vincy Quadros, Vice President of Goa Konknni Akademi in a special function organized by Tiatr Academy Goa at its Conference Hall on 25th October 2011.

The books published by Tiatr Academy Goa under the scheme ‘Preservation of Tiatr Literature’ are: ‘Teacher Mhaka Palov Di’ by Mangal Nadkarni, ‘Dixa Konn Dakhoytolo’ by Carmin S. Joseph Vas and ‘Bhurgem Jivit’ by Tomazinho Cardozo.

Speaking on the occasion Shri. Vincy Quadros appreciated the efforts of Tiatr Academy Goa for initiating a move to popularize children’s tiatr by organizing Children’s Tiatr Festival and by publishing books of Children’s Tiatr. He also stated that these activities of TAG will give a boost for the production of more children’s tiatrs every year.

Shri. Jose Salvador Fernandes, Secretary Dalgado Konknni Akademi who evaluated the contents of the books expressed satisfaction at the quality of scripts. Such activities will enrich the Konkani literature he concluded.

Earlier in his welcome speech Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG informed the audience about TAG’s intention to preserve tiatr literature for posterity by publishing books of scripts of tiatrs and lyrics of songs with or without music.

Mangal Nadkarni the writer of ‘Teacher Mhaka Palov Di’ and Carmin Vas the author of ‘Dixa Konn Dakhoytolo’ also expressed their feelings on the occasion of publication of their first books.

Shri Victor de Sa, Member Secretary proposed a vote of thanks while Shri. Joy Fernandes, Cultural Organizer compered the function.

Tiatr Books Released (21st November 2011)

“The efforts of Tiatr Academy Goa to print tiatr scripts in book form and to preserve it for posterity is commendable” expressed Rev. Fr. Feroz Fernandes, Editor of Vavraddeancho Ixtt. He was speaking on the occasion of the release of 3 books, two of which are of tiatrs and the third of One Act Plays on 21stNovember 2011 at the Conference Hall of Tiatr Academy Goa, Campal Trade Centre, Campal, Panjim.

Speaking further, Rev Fr. Feroz Fernandes requested the tiatr artistes to come forward and take the benefits of the schemes of Tiatr Academy Goa to promote, preserve and develop tiatr.

Of the 3 books released on the occasion one written by late Prem Kumar consist of 3 tiatrs namely ‘Jivit Ek Sopon’, ‘Abdul Narayan D’Souza’ and ‘Mortikar’. The 2nd tiatr is ‘Uzvaddant Kallokh’ written by Domnic Coelho popularly known as Comedian Domnic, while the 3rd one is ‘Veson’ by Cirilo Fernandes, is a collection of One Act Plays.

Welcoming the audience, Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo, President of Tiatr Academy Goa, informed that TAG has formulated numerous schemes and Publication of Tiatr Books is one such scheme which will help to preserve Konkani tiatr for posterity.

The writers Domnic Coelho and Cirilo Fernandes also expressed their opinion.

Shri. Victor de Sa, Member Secretary of TAG proposed a vote of thanks. Shri. Joy Fernandes Cultural Organiser, TAG compared the function.