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  Benecio Vitorino Pereira a versatile Khell Tiatr Artiste

Vitorino being presented Memento

Benecio Vitorino Pereira popularly known as Vitorino Pereira on the khell tiatr Arena was born on 23rd Aug 1943 to Santiago Pereira and Antonia Rosalina Pereira at Cutombi, Quepem .Vitorino is consider to be as well known personality in the field of zomnivailo khell traditional goan folk art theatre which is very popular during the carnival days (Intruz) he is also a versatile actor writer, director and has written and presented numerous khells on the goan side. He is know as Mestre amounts his artiste among the khell/khell tiatr artiste and fans.He was speaking at ‘Meet The Artiste’ TAG’s regular monthly program held on  11th June 2013 at the Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

Recounting his stage memories Vitotino said thathis late father Santiago Pereira was one of the stalwarts of the zomnivoilo khell and a well claimed musician. He stated that he got the inspiration for writing, acting and directing from his late father. It was during the carnival of 1965 were in vitorino first stepped on the khell tiatr stage wherein he presented three khells “Sallorechem Pil”, “Enddo Salu” and “Afrikar Micky” for the first time at Utorda which were written and directed by Vitorino Pereira. Since than their was no turning back for vitorino and he flourished and become popular on the khell tiatr screen.

Vitorino has contributed immensely towards the traditional goans khells and the khell tiatr. He has his own troop with the help of which he present the khelsl through out Goa. Beside this he has also trained many groups in different villages of Goa mostly in the South Goa. He stated that for the last 40 years he has written, directed and presented numerous khell/khell tiatr out of which around 38 khells have been presented by him on the All India Radio some of which are also presented on the Goa Doordharshan, also “Auntychi Chuk”, “Sakantlo Bhattlar” and “Veena ani Dina”.

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