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Filipe Pereira a Versatile Tiatr Artist

Filipe Receiving the Memento from Shri Prince Jacob in the Presence of Joe Rose

Filipe Pereira was born on 18th April 1937 at Panaji to Shri. Sebastiao Pereira and Rosalina Rodrigues. Originally hailing from Cortalim his father’s village where he grew up along with his two brothers and a sister and later on after his marriage moved to Chimbel where he has settled down with his family. He was the artiste of that month at TAG’s monthly programme ‘Meet the Artise’ on 27th May 2013 at TAG’s Conference Hall, Campal, Panjim.

While speaking on the occasion Filipe narrated his life history and recollecting old memories he said that having his house situated in the proximity of the residence of tiatr artiste late Luis Rod, he had the opportunity to witness the rehearsals of Goa’s famed Tiatr Artistes of his times who would rehearse for the Tiatrs of the then famous Tiatr Director late Minguel Rod at an early age of 6. Filipe would memorise the tunes of these great artistes and sing the songs after going home. ‘Sintidan Paim Ghal re Jaki’ a famous and a popular solo of late Souza Ferrao was his favourite.

Filipe also recounted those memories wherein during his visits to his maternal aunt’s place at Divar wherein he would collect all the village children of his age and stage tiatrs in the balcony by erecting a stage with the help of bed sheets which would serve as curtains. People who witnessed this appreciated his efforts and would pat on his shoulders and compliment him that one day he would become a famous Tiatrist. He also recollects his mother mentioning him about his uncle (father’s brother) Jose Pereira who was a well known Tiatr Artise at Mumbai.

Speaking further Filipe said that till date he has composed over 300 hundred songs which have been sung not only by him but others also. Amongst his most popular songs is ‘Boxint Ghordi’ which is still aired on the All India Radio besides other songs like ‘Dog Padrincho Pai’, ‘Bargekar’, ‘Konkni Amchi Maim Bhas’, ‘Padr Juze Vaz’, ‘Sorgest Joao Paulo Dusro Pap Saib’, etc.

Filipe said that he was a proud father having two of sons Minguel  Maria and Sebastiao Eusico Lawrence who are both ordained priests and are serving the Goa Diocese and have both inherited their father’s genes of acting , composing and singing . Fr. Eusico is a good Actor, Composer and Singer  and Fr. Minguel is a good writer who has written quite a few tiatrs like his father .

A Die Hard lover of Konkani in Roman Script at large  and Tiatr in particular at the age of 76 Filipe is still going strong with his composing and singing skills on the Tiatr Stage.

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