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Cassy Alfonso at TAG’s ‘Meet The Artiste’

Cassy receiving a memento from Shri. Prince Jacob

Born on 22nd  April 1961, at Nairobi Kenya  Caius Alfonso popularly  known as ‘Cassy’ originally hails   from modsai  Borda Margao Goa having his ancestral house behind Holy Spirit Church Margao. Cassy was speaking as the artiste of the month at TAG’s monthly program ‘Meet The Artiste’ on 10th April, 2013 at the Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

While narrating his life history and his stage life Cassy said that he started acting at the age of 13, when he first stepped on stage in khell tiatr written and directed by Mog Joaquim from Madel Piquen, Margao.

Having his residence located just opposite Goa’s famous music legend Chris Perry’s house, Cassy said that he was influenced by this and when the Konkani film “Bhuierantlo Munis” was being shot he got the opportunity    to meet some of the famous and popular

Cassy said that he was fortunate to rub his shoulders with his classmates Betty Vaz and Prince Jacob the most popular tiatr artistes of the professional stage. Cassy says “Prince Jacob was my class mate and he has never know Jacob acted professionally until one fine day when in London he saw a Roseferns play called “ARSO” wherein Jacob was acting”.

Beside Cassy his other five brothers have also performed on the tiatr stage under the name stage as ‘Alfonso Brothers’. Cassy’s late father Mr. Pedro Rosario Alfonso also acted in many tiatrs in Nairobi and was well known for his singing  and acting. As a very active member of the dramatic Association in Nairobi Cassy staged his play ‘Champtia-ponnachem Farikponn’ in the year 1979-80.
Cassy has performed in the tiatrs of some of the well known directors of the tiatr stage such as C. Alvares’, ‘Putt Cazar Zatoch’, Jacinth Vaz’s – ‘Cazari’, Bab Peter and Ophelia’s ‘konn Noi  Khonnacho’ etc, beside acting in small roles in Prem Kumar’s ‘Fotkiro’ in 1976 and Robin Vaz’s village play ‘St. Don Bosco and Domnick Savio’ where he performed along with Prince Jacob. He had also acted in Jack fernandes play ‘Apurbaiechi Dhuv’ in the year 1980 in Kenya.

 He has also released his own audio CD album ‘Mog Makha Goencho’ with Prince Jacob, Humbert, Olga and Lorna and takes the credit as the first Goan to release an audio CD album in London in May 2002.  Cassy states with pride that till date he has never accepted or taken any payment of any sorts as he does all this for the love of our culture and love of our mother tongue.

Presently Cassy works in U.K.  for Arsenal Stadium, Wembley Stadium, Lords Cricket Ground at 02 Arena as House Manager. Whenever any artistes visit London this gentleman is always at their service in support  of the Goan Culture.

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