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Marta de Souza narrates her Stage life

Prince Jacob presents a Memento to Marta D'souza in the presence of Shri. Victor de Sa

Born on 4th December 1969 to Simao de Souza and Joaquina de Souza in the picturesque village of Taleigao Marta de Souza has captivated the tiatr scene in Goa and abroad since 1997. Marta was speaking on the occasion of ‘Meet The Artiste’ a monthly program organised by TAG on 13th March 2013 at TAG’s Conference Hall at Campal wherein she featured as the Artiste of the month.

Marta said that her first step towards acting came in when she first performed in her own family Christmas play in her own village at the age of 7. Marta’s artistic roots are embedded with her family background. Her father Simao de Souza was a well-known musician and a lyricist. This legacy was continued by her four brothers namely Antonio, Jose, Francis and Paul who turned out to be musicians of high repute Francis and Paul were members of the Goa’s famed band ‘The Syndicate’. Marta’s sister Maria Lourdes is also a tiatr artiste.

Commenting on her stage life Marta said that she has performed in the tiatrs of some of the noted and acclaimed directors of the tiatr stage namely Milagres de Chandor’s ‘Poilo Kis’, C. D’Silvas ‘Omtea Kollxear Udok’, Tony Dias’ ‘Mahanand’, Comedian 64’s (Christopher) ‘Thikann’, ‘Thembe’, Chris Fun’s ‘Sopon’, Agnelo D’Silva’s ‘Khushalkai’, Antonio Rebello’s ‘Vhoddponn’, Benny de Velsao’s ‘Girestkai’, Comedian Succorro’s ‘Tum Chotur Rav’, Derick D’mello’s ‘Teag’, Paulo de Aldona’s ‘Mhoji Maim Mhozo Dev’, besides her own sister Maria Lourdes’ ‘Utor’ and many more.

Apart from her tiatr performances Marta has also performed for some of the popular Zomnivoilo Khell, traditional folk plays performed during the Carnival. Some of her well-known performances in the Khells are ‘Upkar Naslele’, ‘Monan Kuslele’, etc. She has also performed in Dubai.

A very versatile actor and an expressive singer Marta have bagged several awards and prizes for singing Kantaram in duets and comedy categories. She has also performed in many musical shows with many professional artistes of the tiatr stage and has won accolades for her acting and singing. Besides acting in the dramas of others Marta has to her credit a tiatr ‘Fulamni Bhor’ written and directed by Marta herself during the village feast which was well appreciated by the audience.

During the last 15 years having performed more than 30 dramas not only in Goa and abroad Marta is always a cheerful person as can be seen from her smiling face. She has immense faith in God and believes that hard work pays off. A staunch supporter of Konkani in Romi script Marta urges Goans to take up the cause which the tiatrists has always supported.

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