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Mil-Mel-Nel the Versatile Trio Combination

Mil-Mel-Nel seen with their mementos presented on the occassion.

Milagres Fernandes, Cezar D’Mello and Agnel D’Costa is the trio combination who are popularly known as Mil-Mel-Nel have entertained the Konkani tiatr and music lovers for the last 36 years. The Trio were invited by the Tiatr Academy of Goa to feature on TAG’s monthly program ‘Meet The Artiste’ held on 19th January,2013 at TAG’s Conference Hall, Campal.

Speaking first Cezar D’Mello a well-known tiatr artiste and a regular participant of Kala Academy’s tiatr festival told the audience that he had a wish to become a popular and a commercial tiatr artiste. Having this in mind he and his close friend Milagres Fernandes who used to sing duos with Cezar appeared for an audition for one of Goa’s well-known tiatr directors of that time late Nelson Alfonso. Nelson Alfonso was member of Conception-Nelson-Anthony the most popular trio combination of the tiatr stage. Having seen their success Cezar and Milagres dreamt of forming their own trio and formed Mil-Mel-Men having Joe Mendonca as their third partner which became a success and became popular.

Unfortunately one of their members Joe Mendonca had to leave Goa in search of a job abroad and the dream of sustaining the trio of Mil-Mel-Men suffered a setback. Mil-Mel had to survive on the tiatr stage as Mil-Mel-Men had made a big impact on the tiatr lovers with their growing popularity. At this juncture Agnel D’Costa joined Mil-Mel and they came under a new banner of Mil-Mel-Nel. Under this new combination ‘Holi-Holiday’ was the first Konkani song in Bab Peter and Ophelia’s tiatr ‘Konn Nhoim Konnacho’ which is remembered even today by the audience.

Milagres (Mil) while speaking said that Mil-Mel-Nel  had to stop singing political songs as Milagres and Cezar got government jobs and switched to comedy trios. Besides their trio along with Jephsis Hitler, Saluzinho, Fermino Goes on separate occasions they have won accolades for their quartet ‘Khell Tiatr’. Besides this they have also sung quartets like ‘Novem Voros’, ‘Gouvyo Put’, ‘Bebde Put’, ‘Fr. D’Mello’, etc with Piety Coelho. ‘Makddancho Khell’, ‘Kombo Kombi’ ‘Sukhnneancho Nach’, ‘Poder-Pilot-Tailor’, ‘Soirik’kar’, ‘Zagor’, ‘Poilce-Chor-Advogad’, ‘Constable’, ‘GMC’, Boxing’, Jezu Krist’, ‘Atamche Muzg’, ‘M. Boyer’, etc are some of their other popular compositions which they had sung and said were well received by the tiatr audience.  

Mil-Mel-Nel have sung in tiatrs of John Claro, M. Boyer, Betty Ferns, Fr. Planton Faria, Mike Mehta, C. Alvares, Bab Peter-Ophelia, Mario Menezes, Agnelo de Borim, Salvador Affonso, Maxcy Pereira, Sammuel, Menino de Bandar and many other well-known directors of the tiatr stage.

Besides performing in the tiatrs and musical shows of others Mil-Mel-Nel themselves have organized numerous musical shows like ‘Ugddas Adlea Kantarancho’ dedicated to the tiatr artistes of yester years who are no more with us. Under Tiatr Academy’s scheme Remembering Tiatr Artistes of yester years – organization of special dedicated programmes they have organized musical programmes ‘C. Alvares Patxay Duettancho’ dedicated to late C. Alvares and ‘Ever Green Hero – Bab Peter’ dedicated to late Bab Peter. Three shows each have been performed in different parts of Goa.

‘Goa’s Rumble’ an audio album of Goan folklore songs was produced by Mil-Mel-Nel in collaboration with Henry’s Music Cafe and music by Goa’s famous band ‘The Syndicate’ which had a record sale of 1000 cassettes within a week. This audio album made them more popular among Goan’s and also tourists all over the world. 

Milagres, Cezar and Agnel are also well-known for their Goan folklore performances not as Mil-Mel-Nel but independently they perform as members of various Goan folklore groups and have performed in 5 Star and other hotels.

Having served the Konkani stage over last 36 years Mil-Mel-Nel have contributed immensely towards the Goan tiatr, its song and music besides contributing towards the Goan folklore and have strived to serve and take our mother tongue Konkani to greater heights through song and music which they are proud of.

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