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Jessie Shares her life experiences with a housefull audience

Jessie narrating her experiences to the audience

“Being the youngest I was fortunate enough not to go through the difficult ordeals that my other siblings went through” said Jessie Dias one of the most versatile actress of the tiatr stage. She was speaking at the TAGs monthly programme ‘Kolakarak Bhett’ ‘Meet the Artiste’ on 30th April 2012 at the Conference Hall of TAG, Campal, Panjim which had an audience of almost 100 people ranging from tiatr artistes to Jessie’s fans.

Speaking further Jessie said that it was her mother who was very fond of tiatr who was her inspiration to step on the tiatr stage. She disclosed that her elder brother Bernard was very friendly with veteran tiatr artiste Anthony Mendes and through him he befriended other artistes as he often helped them in stage arrangements and prompting. “I was just 8 years old when I first acted in my brother Lucas Cardozo’s Konkani play ‘Eksuro’ and thereafter Francis de Parra a very good composer and playwright who had seen me perform gave me a break in his tiatr ‘Lagmoddi Sun’” said Jessie.

Remembering her childhood she revealed to the audience that she came from a very poor family background. She said that sometimes they did not have sufficient food to kill their hunger and had to live on with just a bread and tea. “But I being the youngest, my other siblings were the one who took the responsibility on their shoulders in order to earn the daily bread for the family”. She also said that during her childhood she had only two sets of dresses to wear. But today Jessie says that God has given her more than what she requires whether it may be wealth, health, name, fame, etc after a very successful career as a tiatr artiste.

She remembered all the veteran tiatr artistes who as writers and directors always helped her in performing her role as best as possible with a special mention to her favourite director C. Alvares.

Most prominent persons among those who were present and who interacted with Jessie were tiatr artistes Platilda, Josephine Dias, Bonaventure D’Pietro, Premanand Lotlikar, Anil Kumar, Sharon Mazarello, Roseferns, Bushka, Guitarist Tony, etc. Ophelia Cabral a veteran tiatr artiste one of Jessie’s close associate who lives in Mumbai and could not make it for the event recorded her voice on a audio CD which was played before the interaction session began. Victor Afonso one of the amateur producers of Konkani VCD who lives in UK narrated his experience with Jessie. He told the audience that when he approached Jessie in connection with his VCD he asked her what would be her charges. He said that he was surprised to hear Jessie’s reply “Do not bother about my charges. You complete your project and then if you wish to give something I leave it up to you”. He said that he was shocked to hear this from such an established actress especially in today’s world when everybody is out to make money. Many of Jessie’s fellow artistes who were present also testified in this regard.

Tony Fernandes a guitarist by profession and who plays for tiatrs said that he has specially come for the programme because of Jessie. He told the audience that Jessie always has a special concern for the musicians and sees that their share of eatables is kept aside and she personally comes and delivers it to the musicians during the break. This is a rare quality which no other artiste possesses he disclosed. He said that Jessie is like a mother to all the tiatr artistes of the group in which Jessie performs.

Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo, former President of TAG who was also present in the audience before interacting with Jessie told the audience that Jessie was responsible for the TAG’s scheme ‘Visit to Old and Sick Artistes’. He also said that Jessie always had concern for the artistes who are ailing and are not active on the tiatr stage and she is the first one to inform him or TAG if any tiatr artiste passes away. Also present were tiatr artistes and other personalities like Rico Rod, John Claro, Joe Rose, Star of Curtorim, Irene Cardozo, Philo de Pilerne, Annie de Colvale, Cezar D’Melo, Fr. Pratap Naik and Tina Costa. Jessie’s eldest son Peter was present along with his daughter Renee Marie for the occasion.

Earlier Shri. Victor de Sa, Member Secretary of TAG welcomed the audience and later on presented a memento to Jessie as a remembrance of the programme. Shri. Joy Fernandes Cultural Organizer of TAG compered the function and proposed a vote of thanks. He requested Jessie to continue the help and assistance she has been providing to Tiatr Academy of Goa.

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