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Patrick Dourado 28-04-2011

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Preserve Khell – Tiatr – Patrick Dourado

Patrick Dourado a well known artiste of Konkani stage who has contributed tremendously to almost all the dramatic forms such as ‘Zomnivoilo Khell’, ‘Khell-Tiatr’ and ‘Tiatr’, appealed to the writers and directors of Khell-Tiatrs to produce and stage at least one khell-Tiatr every year in order to preserve it for posterity. If the Khell-Tiatr artistes do not produce and stage Khell-Tiatrs the way they used to do some years back, Khell-Tiatr will be the thing of the past soon. Shri Patrick Dourado was speaking on the occasion of TAGs monthly programme ‘Kolakorak Bhett’ on 28th April 2011 at TAGs Conference Hall, Panjim.

Speaking further he disclosed that his father expired when he was only 11 years old and being the eldest son he had to support his mother to bring up the family of 7 members. Thus he could not concentrate on his studies but work in order to earn the daily bread.

His financial condition compelled him to make use of his talents of writing Khells / Khell-Tiatrs / Tiatrs and songs for numerous directors and singers of tiatr stage for a price and hence his name as a script writer and lyricist always remained in the dark.

Star of Curtorim who was present for the function disclosed that he has always taken help of Patrick Dourado to write the script of his plays and lyrics of his songs and at the same time honestly and sincerely given due credit to Shri. Patrick Dourado on the tiatr stage. John Claro Fernandes also admitted that Patrick Dourado wrote ‘cantos’ for his tiatrs ‘23 Vorsam’ which were hit.

The well-wishers of Patrick Dourado who had gathered to listen to this unassuming artiste of tiatr stage fervently appealed him not to allow ‘ghost’ writers and directors take advantage of his simplicity and deny him the right of being the creative writer of the tiatr stage.

Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG expressed shock because Patrick Dourado knowingly or unknowing created great ‘writers’ on the Konkani stage by supplying his creative works to be produced in somebody else’s name. He said that it is a crime to attempt to own somebody else’s creative works like script writing, composition of lyrics, etc. He advised Patrick Dourado to write a book on his life and disclose to the people the amount of creative work he has done on the tiatr stage. If such things continue then the contribution of true artistes like Patrick Dourado will remain hidden and fake writers will be remembered by the future generations.

Artistes namely John Claro Fernandes, C. D’Silva, Star of Curtorim, Josephine Dias,  Dr. Rafael Fernandes and Fr. Manuel Gomes were present among the fans of Patrick Dourado.

On behalf of TAG Shri Roseferns, Vice-President of TAG presented a memento to Shri. Dourado. Shri. Roseferns also proposed the vote of thanks. The function was compered by Shri. Joy Fernandes, Programme Officer of TAG.  


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