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Meet the Artist

Tony Sax 22-02-2011

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Tony Sax Narrates his Life Experiences

Antonio Francisco Fernandes popularly known as Tony Sax stated that tiatr artistes of yesteryears underwent difficult circumstances in order to perform tiatrs in different villages of Goa due to lack of proper transport as well as facilities for performance and yet they kept the tiatr flag flying high. He was speaking at the ‘Kolakorak Bhett’ – Meet the Artiste monthly programme organized by Tiatr Academy of Goa yesterday i.e 22/02/2011 at its Conference Hall, Campal, Panaji Goa.

Speaking further Tony Sax narrated numerous experiences about his contribution to tiatr stage as an actor, writer, director, singer, etc. Tony Sax who has performed different roles in different tiatrs was always appreciated by the audience for his excellence in acting. He stated that tiatr goers adored him for his role as ‘Don Bosco’ while he was hated and cursed for the villainous roles he played in his lifetime.

During the question answer session, Prince Jacob who was attending the function expressed that he was motivated by the acting of Tony Sax as Don Bosco and that impression of his acting still lingers in his mind. When asked why he was called ‘Pran of Tiatr Stage’ he narrated that the incident took place in Bombay. He was acting as a villain who brutally kills his own mother. The show was attended by Hindi film artiste namely Ashok Kumar Pran and others. It is after this show that Ashok Kumar remarked “Tony Sax’s action resembles to that of Pran’s in the Hindi film world”. Since then people started calling him ‘Pran of tiatr stage’.

Shri. Tony Sax admitted that his wife played an equally good role in bringing success for his theatrical activities. “She was a part and parcel of all my dramatic activities in good as well as in bad times. She had experienced the troubles that I faced for the love of tiatr”. When his sons also started showing signs of potential future artistes his wife said “I have seen you struggling because of tiatr, I do not wish my children to suffer the same way”.

Tony Sax paid rich tributes to the modern day tiatr artistes because he felt that they are working hard to bring tiatr to higher standard in this competitive world. Shri. Tony Sax at the request of the audience sang a comedy song which he had sung about 40 years back.

Earlier Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo, President, of TAG welcomed the gathering and later Shri. Roseferns, Vice President of TAG proposed a vote of thanks. Shri. Joy Fernandes compared the function.



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