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Meet the Artist

Prince Jacob 17-01-2011

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Prince Jacob Narrates his Life Experiences

“One has to work hard with sincerity in order to achieve success in life” said Mr. Prince Jacob, the most popular tiatr artiste of Konkani stage. Mr. Jacob was speaking during the programme ‘Meet the Artiste’ organized by Tiatr Academy of Goa, yesterday i.e 17th January 2011 in TAG’s Conference Hall, Campal, Panjim.

Prince Jacob disclosed that his childhood was a struggle and could not even continue his studies after SSC due to financial constraints in the family. He had to go to work at the young age and hence face challenges of life at an early age. Prince Jacob is a self made man who sincerely worked with determination in order to achieve success and attain celebrity status.

According to Mr. Jacob, he joined the tiatr stage for the first time at a very tender age of 13 years in the play “Chuk Hanvem Adharli” written and directed by Rosario Dias. His acting particularly his comedy actions were highly appreciated by the tiatr goers. As his comic roles were appreciated by the people, he continued to act as a comedian on the tiatr stage.

Prince Jacob is a man of determination who takes up challenges and risks in order to present on the stage something new and something different. This attitude in him compelled him to learn magic and the art of illusions which subsequently he made use of in his tiatrs thereby mesmerizing the tiatr audience. He came across a handicapped person who did not have hands and who used to do all his works with the help of his legs. Prince Jacob wrote a special play on the life of a handicapped and displayed how a handicapped person can live a normal life and that such a person deserves full respect from the society.

He did not stop there only because he wanted to base one of the stories of his tiatr on the faithfulness of a dog. He took the help of his friends to get a trained dog and according to the requirements of the activities of the dog he wrote a script of a tiatr, the hero of the tiatr being the dog. The dog did the lead role and surprised the tiatr audience. After sometime when the dog expired, Mr. Jacob considered it was not an irrational animal but a rational artiste of his tiatr who expired.

Besides this, Prince Jacob had the courage to translate a Marathi Drama ‘Sahi Re Sahi’ and stage it as a tiatr entitled ‘Rupnnem’. This experiment too kept Prince Jacob at a higher level in comparison with other artistes of tiatr stage.

Besides being innovative on the tiatr stage Mr. Prince Jacob has another side in his life where silently he does a lot of social work as far as poor and weaker sections of society are concerned. He makes use of certain percentage of his earnings to help the poor and the needy.

Prince Jacob has very high regards to his elder brother Humbert, who, he says was responsible in helping him in all aspects including education when his childhood was facing numerous challenges.

He answered numerous questions put forth by his numerous fans and well wishers who attended the programme in large number



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