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Women on Tiatr stage

Like on any other stage, be it in our country or abroad women joined the drama stage much later due to social compulsions. A woman acting on a stage was looked down upon and was considered of low character. It took hundreds of years, even in developed countries, for women to act on the stage.
On the Tiatr stage it was Regina Fernandes who acted first, way back in 1904, in the Tiatr Bhattkara. Regina also could act on the stage because she was the wife of Joao Agostinho Fernandes who wrote and directed the tiatr Bhattkara. She was followed by numerous female artistes namely Carlota, Ermelinda, Mohana, Cecilia and others.
Prior to the entry of women on the stage and even after, there were not enough actresses and as such, like all other stages, males had to perform the roles of females. The males who excelled in female roles were Andrew, Vincent de Saligao and Remmie Colaso and Joaquim Caetano Coutinho,  who was popularly known as Miss Julie.

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