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Tiatr – A Unique Form of Drama

Tiatr is a unique form of dramatic art. It is unique because it cannot be considered a musical drama or a prose drama. It has music and singing but it is not a musical drama.
The plot of a Tiatr is normally divided into 6 or 7 parts, each part is called a "Pordho". In between these Pordhes there are songs which are called "Kantaram". Normally there are 2 or 3 Kantaram in between every two Pordhes. This means that there are at least 12 to 15 Kantaram in the Tiatr.
The uniqueness of the Tiatr lies in the fact that the story of the Tiatr is based on one particular theme whereas each Kantar is based on a different subject. Accordingly one particular subject is presented through the story of the Tiatr whereas 12 to 14 different subjects are tackled through 12 to 14 kantaram in the Tiatr. It is this aspect of the Tiatr that makes the Tiatr unique compared to other forms of dramatic art.
The word 'Tiatr' came from the Portuguese language "TEATRO" which means Theatre. In the beginning it was also written as Teatro as in Portuguese language and not as Tiatr. Those Tiatr writers who had an English background they wrote it as "THEATRE" which was sometimes spelt as Theatr. It was only when Kala Academy of Goa started the Tiatr Festivals way back in mid 1970's, I, as one of the participants of the Kala Academy’s Tiatr Festival, my ultimate aim being the development of the Tiatr Stage in all respects, stopped writing Teatro or Theatre and instead I Konkanised it as Tiatr. Today practically every Tiatr artiste writes it as Tiatr.

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