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Current President (From 04/09/2015 till date)

Tiatr mogiank mhozo manacho salam

Tiatr Academy of Goa hanchea website-ir tumkam amchea kallza monantlean mogache ununit yevkar.

Mogacheamno, 1892 vorsa tiatracho zolm Mumboi xharant zalolo. Aiz meren amche tiatr vaddon, 124 vorsanche pirayer pavlole asat. Zalear fuddlea vorsak (2017 vorsa) amchea tiatrak 125 vorsam bhortat. Fokot tiatristankuch nhoi, punn soglea Gõykarank ani dor eka tiatr mogiak hi ek motthi khuxalkai, karann, fokot tiatristank lagon nhoi, punn tiatr pollenarank lagon aiz pasun amche tiatr jive asat. Tumi tiatr aiz pasun jive dovorleat, heach pasot survatekuch hanvem tumkam mogan manacho salam marla. Tiatrancho rukh sorgest Lucasinho Ribeiro hannem roilolo khoro ani Pai Tiatrist Joao Agostinho Fernandes hannem ximplolo, zalear atanchea tiatristamni taka aplo khand marun atam to rukh vaddon 125 vorsanche pirayer pavot aila. Soglea tiatrist bhau bhoinnank xebaski.

Mogacheamno, Gõychea sorkaran Tiatr Academy of Goa, ghoddun haddlea ani sorkaracheach sohakaran hi akademi fuddem vochot asa. Hea borea sohakara pasot hanv sorkarak kallzant thavn Dev borem korum mhunttam. Tiatr Academy voir mhojim sopnam asat, tim tumcheach adharan sufoll zatelim mhunn ast ballgitam ani adim fuddench tumkam anink ek pautt Dev borem korum mhunnttam.

Tiatr Academy of Goa-cheo zaiteo yevzonneo (schemes) asat. Hea yevzonneancher novean vichar korun kaim disamni tio tumkam amchea website-ir dixtti poddtteleo. Tumi odik korun amchea tornatteamni hea yevzonneancho faido kaddunk amchi tumkam vinoti.

Tiatr Academy of Goa, sodanch tumche sevent asteli.

Tiatrache sevent,


Tumchea mogacho,

Agostinho Temudo
Tiatr Academy of Goa



My dear Tiatr lovers,

The Tiatr was born in Mumbai in the year 1892.  As of today, Tiatr has completed 124 years of its existence and next year i.e. 2017, we will be celebrating 125th Anniversary of Tiatr. This is a big achievement and a matter of great pride, not only for us Tiatrists, but to every Goan and each and every Tiatr goer because of whom the Tiatr is kept alive and is still going strong. Although, the seeds of Tiatr were planted by Pioneer of Tiatr late Lucasinho Ribeiro and Pai Tiatrist late Joao Agostinho Fernandes, the stalwarts who followed in their footsteps including our present generation of tiatrists, put in a lot of efforts with their sheer hard work and dedication to bring the Tiatr at the threshold of 125 years.  For this, I would like to congratulate and salute all my Tiatr fraternity and not forgetting the Tiatr lovers all over the world.

The Tiatr Academy of Goa was established by Goa Government in the year 2009.  With the active support of the Government, the Academy is marching forward. I am very much thankful to the Government for its continued support.  I have got my own dreams for TAG which I would like to fulfil during my term with the help of all my team of Council Members to bring an all-round change in the Tiatr field.

As TAG is in the process of bringing out a new Citizens’ Charter on our various schemes which have been redrafted/modified, very soon these schemes will be uploaded on our Website for the benefit of public at large.

I request you specially the youth to take advantage of these schemes. TAG will always be at your service.

In the service of tiatr

Yours sincerely,

Agostinho Temudo
Tiatr Academy of Goa


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